The A.S.D. POLISPORTIVA TRIVENETO TRIESTE organizes the 12th TRIVENETO INTERNATIONAL ATHLETICS MEETING of track and field athletics at the stadium Pino Grezar in Trieste on SATURDAY JULY 6th, 2019.

The event is included in the calendar of the European Athletics Federation, in collaboration with the Italian Athletic Federation (F.I.D.A.L.), with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Trieste, the contribution of the FVG Region, and of various private sports subjects, U.I.S.P. society and C.O.N.I. affiliates.

The 12TH INTERNATIONAL TRIVENETO MEETING is open to all registered athletes from any international athletics federation recognized by FIDAL in good standing with the 2019 membership. Fully automatic timing is provided for all running races. All athletes compete with the implements of the absolute categories. Please refer to the Fidal rules and current regulations for everything that is not established here.