All entries must be submitted by 8.00pm on Thursday 4th July.

Italian Athletes 
Entries by Italian athletes will be accepted online via by 8.00pm on Thursday 4th July.

International Athletes 
Entries by International athletes will be accepted by e-mailing by 8.00 pm on Thursday 4th July.

The following ENTRY FEES apply:
Over 16: € 4.00 per athlete (even if two events are entered)
Under 16: € 2.00 per athlete (even if two events are entered)

Terms & Conditions
1. The Meeting Organising Committee reserves the right to invite elite athletes to the event.
2. All Entries must be confirmed by checking in at the Athlete Check in Desk at the Stadium at least 1 hour before the competition start time. Unchecked registrations will cause athlete results being not ratified.
3. The Organising Committee and FIDAL decline any responsibility for everything that may happen before, during or after the event.

Italian Athletes: +39 3473025240 – Mr. Alessandro Coppola
International Athletes: +386 70247332 – Mr. Oueslati